About Us

The Mission of ReStart is to reduce and prevent homelessness and increase self-sufficiency of individuals and their families.
ReStart Philosophy: Underlying all the work done at ReStart, is recognition, that homelessness is a condition experienced by many people in our society. Current economic conditions have lead to an increase in homelessness and those at risk of becoming homeless. While often times homelessness is a transitory condition, it can also become a chronic condition. Those experiencing chronic homelessness are often those also experiencing mental health disorders and substance abuse. ReStart addresses these issues through our two programs.

ReStart utilizes a wrap-around approach to providing clinical services. We function as a multidisciplinary team lead by the client/case manager decision process. The clients receive a level of case management that is individualized to their specific needs and is flexible throughout the course of their program. As determined by the client and case manager, the client can acess a variety of services, including psychiatric care, therapeutic care, substance abuse treatment and life skills assistance, within the framework of our program. Additional services provided to them include basic needs, such as the day center, and fiscal assistance through housing programs and payee services. All of these services have at their core a system based theoretical concept utilizing cognitive behavior therapy with a systems based focus that allows the client to remain autonomous and an equal part of their own treament team.

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