Home is:

A safe place to go when things are bad and not going right, a roof over your head out of the weather when it is nasty, the world can do whatever it wants to as long as I have a place to go and be safe.  To have responsibility for my place that I have a choice what to do and not to do without someone telling me what to do all the time.


 Home is:

Shelter, confortable, clean, good, the way it is supposed to be, mine, space, happy, responsible, predictable, safe, keep the world out, fun, knowing.


What home means to me is the fact that when ReStart acceppted me in their program they gave me shelter when I needed to have a major operation on my neck. My unemployment ran out.  I still fighting Social Security.  If I was out on the street I more than likely would have relapsed back i nto my addiction to meth, and ended up back in prison.  ReStart saved my life, gave me hope, and a place to work out my problems.

ST (7/19/10)

It's private, it's safe, and it's home.  Finally I have a peace of mind.  Although I still have mental issues.  I can deal with life a whole lot better.  I am greatful for this program, ReStart.  It has really helped me put a grasp on my life, and to have a place to call home. 

RV (7/19/10)

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